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  1. An incorrect implementation of the functionality of the block elements located on the "0" layer has been revealed. According to Feng Shui (as well as in analog and nano versions <= 20), the primitives included in the block and located on layer "0" INHERIT the state of visibility / freezing of the layer on which the block entry is located, and not the layer itself "0". Those. they are visible if the block layer is visible and not frozen. With surprise (more precisely, I was dumbfounded!) I came across a curve implementation of this feature in 21.0. The designers froze layer "0" in their file and almost all blocks on other layers lost the visibility of their elements. Immediately I could not even tell them what the problem was, tk. I did not expect such a setup from the developers. Perhaps this topic has already been raised, but I think this is an obvious bug and I urge you to fix it.
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